terms and conditions

terms and conditions

terms and conditions
  1. WWF-India Photolibrary pictures are supplied on loan for one time use, in accordance with the terms & conditions of the Photolibrary.

  2. No copyright or property right shall pass to the client by virtue of acquiring a right for one-time use.

  3. Pictures cannot be removed from the Photolibrary unless an advance deposit equal to the reproduction fees of the pictures is made to WWF-India.

  4. In the event of all the pictures supplied being returned unused, a search/service fee Rs.50/picture will be payable by the client. The client shall also be charged actuals for courier, parcel or any other special delivery arrangement requested.

  5. The client shall settle the bill within 15 days of receipt of invoice.

  6. Unless specific permission has been granted, pictures should be returned to the Photolibrary within 15 days of their supply. After 15 days a holding fee Rs.50 per day per slide will be charged.

  7. Pictures may not be duplicated or electronically scanned without prior permission.

  8. This arrangement is not transferable or assignable. The client is always fully responsible for the safe return of the entire selection.

  9. Unless otherwise agreed by the Photolibrary in writing, all pictures used by the client must carry credit lines as instructed. Copyright remains with photographer and/or WWF-India. WWF-India reserves the right to decide a panalty for misuse, including missing or wrong credits.

  10. In the event of loss or damage to any picture while in the custody of the client or its agent/ representatives, the client has to agree to pay damages for the loss of resale income, calculated as Rs. 3000.00 per slide. Inter negatives, copies or prints will not be accepted as compensation. Payment of such compensation does not grant any copyright to the client.

  11. If the client returns any picture without its mount or with any of its data missing or defaced, it may incur a replacement charge, to be decided by WWF-India.

  12. While WWF-India takes all reasonable care to ensure proper identification and captioning of pictures, no liability is accepted for losses incurred by clients or third parties caused by errors connected herewith.

  13. The Panda logo is WWF copyright and protected by law. Permission to use Photolibrary pictures does not mean right to use the logo. Written permission must be obtained for this from WWF-India s Network and Fundraising Division for using the Panda logo.

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