Conservation Issues & WWF-India interventions

Conservation issues:

The growth of human settlements and with it, the cattle, both in the core and buffer areas of the Similipal tiger reserve is a cause for concern. Due to this, grazing is a major problem and is noticed around the four villages in the core area as well as in the other villages located adjacent to the core area. 

Forest fire is common and frequent, which is mainly caused by the minor forest produce (MFP) collectors, hunters, poachers and callous tourists.  

In addition, the tribals in and around Similipal indulge in ‘Akhand Shikar’ (Great Hunt) leading to killing of wild animals.

WWF-India interventions:

WWF-India is working for long term conservation of tigers in Similipal by initiating surveys in the Similipal TR with the following objectives:
  1. Create baseline information on the ecological status of the tiger habitats around selected villages in Similipal.
  2. Collection of baseline information on the socio-economic status of the community and its ecological implication in and around identified critical tiger habitat. 
  3. Quantification of existing anthropogenic pressure on the tiger habitat through regular monitoring of the habitat.
  4. Sensitization of the locals through credible NGOs and community leaders for sustainable utilization of forest resources. 
  5. Develop a proposal for long-term conservation of tigers in Similipal TR.

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