A Photo Story: Emergency Aid to Terai Flood-Afflicted Areas

This year, the monsoons have led to the over-flowing of the Sharda River, thus raising the water levels and causing flooding in the surrounding populated areas, affecting numerous villages in the vicinity as well as displacing wildlife inhabiting the nearby protected areas, causing turmoil and, in some cases, deaths.
Wildlife has been observed to seek elevated areas to distance themselves from the flooding. In some cases, wildlife that wandered onto the roads in search of dry land, were killed by passing vehicles. In addition to the wildlife, a total of 13 villages have been adversely impacted as a consequence of these floods, with the village of Naujalha Nakta being the most seriously obstructed by the water levels. In response to this emergency situation, WWF-India has partnered with TATA Housing and local government agencies to provide immediate relief to the residents and victims of this devastation. Aside from the humanitarian circumstances for the outreach, these efforts also form part of WWF-India's landscape approach to conservation wherein the residents in and around protected areas are made partners in the overall conservation efforts in the region. Such relief efforts serve as a means to ensure the well-being and protection of WWF-India's conservation partners in this region. The continued welfare and safety of these communities helps ensure that they continue to cooperate and work with WWF-India and forest staff in the region towards conservation goals and ecologically friendly lifestyle choices. WWF-India has provided assistance in the form of emergency supplies and relief kits, coordination between various government agencies and logistical and distribution support on the ground. In addition, TATA Housing and WWF-India have jointly provided medical check-ups, health camps and medical supplies to the affected residents.
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