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About Bharatpur

About the area and importance

One of the most important waterfowl refuges of the world, a Ramsar site and a World Heritage site, Keoladeo National Park (KNP) is known for its rich biological diversity.
It is a man-made and managed wetland and was notified as a bird sanctuary in 1956 and elevated to the status of a national park in 1982. The reserve, primarily used as a waterfowl hunting reserve while protecting Bharatpur from frequent floods also provided grazing grounds for village cattle.

This 29 km2 reserve, locally known as Ghana, is a mosaic of dry grasslands, woodlands, woodland swamps, and wetlands. These diverse habitats are home to over 366 bird species, 379 floral species, 50 species of fish, 13 species of snakes, five species of lizards, seven amphibian species, seven turtle species and a variety of other invertebrates. Every year thousands of migratory waterfowl visit the park for wintering and breeding. By virtue of being one of the best bird areas of Asia, KNP attracts over 100,000 visitors every year.

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KNP is a man-made and man managed wetland.
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