Conservation Issues

The sanctuary is struggles with several conservational issues like encroachment, weed infestation, industrial effluents, illegal fishing and poaching of birds.
Bird Poaching
Migratory birds have been poisoned at Harike since the early 1980s. Poachers use a cheap pesticide – furadan, for poisoning the Harike’s famous waterfowls. The poached birds are either sold in the grey market or consumed by poachers.
Weed Infestation
Widespread infestation of the water hyacinth weed is adversely affecting the wetland’s hydrological system, depleting the area of oxygen and preventing sunlight from reaching the other indigenous species in the area. It is resulting in a shrinkage of the available surface area and causing siltation
Industrial effluents
Downstream of Ludhiana/Jalandhar, the River Sutlej is heavily polluted because the city’s effluents along with untreated sewerage water falls into it through the Buddhah Nullah. This has left the river virtually dead with no viable habitats and almost no signs of aquatic biodiversity. The effluents flow downstream and enter Harike degrading its aquatic habitat. 
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