The Green Law Lecture

The CEL's Green Law Lecture series is meant to address the general absence of dissemination of knowledge to the legal community as well as to the general public. This is despite a well-developed body of environmental law.
The Convocation function for the 12th batch of students of Diploma in Environmental Law, on February 14, 2005 saw Dr Gurdip Singh, Professor-in-Charge, Law Centre II, Delhi University, as the Chief Guest. Dr Singh delivered the 8th Green Law lecture on 'Implementation of Sustainable Development in India'.

The lecture laid special emphasis on the concept of sustainable development and spelt out international and national legal measures required to operationalize sustainable development. Dr Singh in his lecture unfolded the role of judicial activism in treating sustainable development along with its legal pillars, namely, 'precautionary principle' and 'polluter pays principle', as parts of international law which have percolated into the body of environmental law in India.

He elaborated the specialized environmental legislation adopted in India not only to prevent environmental pollution but also to protect and improve the environment and to further the concept of sustainable development.

Dr Gurdip Singh in his address delved into the importance of environmental law and also emphasized the various issues pertaining to its implementation in the field. He also spoke about the challenges faced by the Indian Legal System in the realm of environmental protection as also the development of environmental law.

At the end of the convocation, Prithvi Sankalp, an oath to mother earth to save and preserve environment for the present and the future was taken by the Diploma students.

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