Sustainable Trade and Investment: India in the 21st Century

ustainable Trade and Initiative

Centre for Environmental Law (CEL), WWF-India in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi Foundation organized a seminar on “Sustainable Trade and Investment: India in the 21st Century” under its Trade and Investment Program (TIP).

The seminar addressed key issues regarding the emergence of sustainable economic development in the emerging economies also known as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). WWF-India foresees ways in which trade, investment and aid policy can be used to ensure that the development trajectories of economies such as India’s are placed on a sustainable footing .. As part of the scoping process in India, the Program will result in a report about Indian Companies in the 21st century as well as a report on the current trade and investment scenario in India.

The discussion started with,an introduction to the programme by Mr Mohammed Saqib from Rajiv Gandhi Foundation along with Mr Rajesh Sehgal from CEL, WWF-India Subsequently, Mr Dennis Pamlin, Policy Advisor, WWF-UK presented the background paper on the Trade and Investment Programme he also mentioned some key results from China TIP program.

Many leading Indian companies and business houses participated in the seminar.A number of interesting contributions were also made during the discussions.

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