Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Law and Policy

With a more ecologically and socially conscious milieu; it is essential to minimize the adverse impacts of pollution and ecological degradation through proper environmental management and international cooperation. This can be done by not just raising awareness of environmental values but also strengthening the delivery capacity of environmental professionals so that they are well equipped to face the challenges in their stream of work.

With an aim to provide a better understanding of green law issues poignant worldwide, particularly in the Indian context, NLUD and WWF India will be jointly offering a One Year Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Law and Policy. The exclusive tailor-made programme provides opportunities for law graduates and professionals working in the field of environment to enrich their understanding of the issues, institutions and initiatives in the field of environmental law and policy.
The last date for submitting applications is 05 June 2024.

The main objectives of the programme are:

  • Provide comprehensive knowledge to the participants in Environmental Law and policy
  • Increase understanding on key issues related to National as well as International Environmental Law & Policies
  • Develop knowledge on the International Legal & Policy context on thematic issues related to environment
  • Develop practical skills to facilitate effective engagement with the Environmental Law
  • Prepare well-informed professionals in Environmental Law and to upgrade the professional competencies by augmenting the Environmental Law awareness
  • Promote networking and sharing of experiences among participants to actively contribute towards conservation


Programme Structure

Course 1: Introduction to Environment and Law
Course 2: International Environmental Law and Policy
Course 3: International Environmental Law and Policy II
Course 4: National Environmental Law and Policy
Course 5: National Environmental Law and Policy II
Course 6: Environment Protection Mechanisms
Course 7: Practical Training


Mr. Tejas Singh Kapoor
Programme Officer- Centre for Environmental Law
Tel: +91 11 41504771-72
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