Call for Nominations: Climate Solver 2020


Small and medium enterprises can apply as a Climate Solver nominee if their technology:
  • Significantly lowers carbon emissions
  • Provides sustainable solutions to enhance energy access.

How to apply?

Enterprises interested in applying should submit the application online on . Applications can also be submitted by hard copy or email in the form of a business plan that shall include the following:
  1. Company Details
    • Section-A
  • Name and profile of the company, Legal status (Private limited/Public limited/Limited Liability partnership/Partnership firm/Proprietary firm), Year of registration
  • Climate Solver Category (GHG Reduction/Energy Access)
  • Total number of employees and Company logo
    • Section-B
    • Details of 1-2 key senior management with designation, communication address, email id and mobile number
    • Details of contact person for this business plan nomination (in case the contact details are different from the above)
  1. Innovation Details
    • Section-A
      • Name and brief description of the Climate Solver Innovation (less than 150 words)
    • Section-B
      • Area of innovation (Energy efficiency/Energy savings, Energy access, Smart grid, Renewable energy, Waste management, Others)
      • Innovation development status (R&D stage/Prototype, Pilot stage, Post-pilot stage/market entry, Expansion, others)
      • Detailed Description of innovation (Provide detailed description of the innovation, the problem that it addresses and its performance based on indicators such as energy efficiency, use of renewable energy, reduction or elimination of emissions etc., that can be verified by a third party)[1]
      • GHG reduction or Energy access potential (Mention the current achievements and the future potential for GHG reduction/enhancing energy access)
      • Co-benefits of the innovation (Describe the other co-benefits: environmental, health & social, associated with the innovative technology)[2]
      • Target market & beneficiaries (Describe the company’s target market space in terms of customer segmentation and/or geography and provide details of the intended beneficiaries of the technology/energy solution)
      • Future expansion plans (Provide a brief plan of future technology development, promotion and diffusion)
      • Business model scaling up (Provide a description of business model for scale up)
      • Business challenges (Mention the current and future challenges)
  2. Finance and Investment related information of the company
    • Financial stage of the company (Bootstrapped/Seed capital/Angel investor funding/Venture capital financing- Series A, B, C/IPO/Others)
    • Revenue model of the company (Describe the company's revenue model)
    • Total investment raised till date (Details on the size of the investment raised and the name of the organizations/fund(s) that the capital has been sourced from)
    • Growth plans (Mention the company's plans for funding future development, growth, promotion and diffusion and the type & sources of investment sought)
Last date of application extended to 31 January, 2021

For more details on the platform, refer to the brochure or visit

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For further details and submission of application contact:
Mr Ashwin Jacob
011-4150 4794

Ms Sakshi Gaur
Assistant Manager - Communications 
011 – 4150 4823

172 B, Lodhi Estate,
New Delhi- 110003
[1] Additional documents to be attached that support the innovation/business plan including patents/third party certifications/testimonials/published articles/other relevant documents
[2] Attach supporting documents wherever possible

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