WWF’s Interventions

WWF-India’s Rivers for Life, Life for Rivers programme is constituted of the following four components:
  • Sustainable Water Management: Working towards ensuring environmental flows and sustainable water management. Read More
  • Habitat and Biodiversity Conservation: Improving the population and habitats of seven endemic and endangered aquatic species (Gangetic dolphins, gharial, otters, mahseer (fish) and three species of turtles, across 400 km (six districts) of the Ganga and the Ramganga). Rivers for Life aims at strengthening policies and ensuring effective enforcement to regulate commercial fishing, sand extraction and riverbed farming in six districts of the Ganga basin in Uttar Pradesh in order to reduce the pressures on habitat and biodiversity. Read More
  • Water Stewardship: Collaborating with cities and SMEs in the Ganga basin to manage water-related risks by adopting water stewardship, which includes ‒ protection of sources, cleaner production, sustainable consumption, green financing along with concerted stakeholder action and policy dialogues. Read more
  • Climate change adaptation: Developing a framework for climate adaptation so as to reduce climate vulnerabilities and improve base-flows in the Ganga and its tributaries. The approach of the programme will lean towards policy advocacy and engagement of riparian communities with the aim of creating sectoral and basin level as well as state and national level outreach to generate support and catalyse action towards conserving the revered river Ganga. Read More
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