MoEF&CC announces CA|TS accreditation for 14 tiger reserves in India

Posted on 29 July 2021   |  
Global Tiger Forum and WWF India are implementing partners of the National Tiger Conservation Authority for CA|TS assessment in India
New Delhi: Global Tiger Forum and WWF India congratulate the 14 Tiger Reserves that have received CA|TS accreditation, as announced this afternoon by the Hon’ble Minister, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Govt. of India on the occasion of Global Tiger Day, 2021.
CA|TS is a globally accepted conservation tool that sets best practice and standards to manage tigers, and encourages assessments to benchmark progress. Habitats which support tiger populations are the building blocks of wild tiger conservation and effectively managing them is essential for long-term survival of wild tigers. CA|TS is being implemented across 125 sites in seven tiger range countries and India has the biggest number with 94 sites, out of which assessment was completed for 20 Tiger Reserves this year.
The sites went through the prescribed CA|TS process of site registration through external evaluation (including verification of evidences) to accreditation. This was facilitated by the Global Tiger Forum (GTF) and WWF India, which are the two implementing partners of the National Tiger Conservation Authority for CA|TS assessment in India. 
Dr. Rajesh Gopal, Secretary General, Global Tiger Forum said “CA|TS accreditation is a global recognition of good tiger governance. This recognition means a lot in the context of adaptation to climate change, sustainability of ecosystem services, and safeguarding disruption of zoonotic cycles, through an umbrella species approach.”
Mr. Ravi Singh, Secretary General & CEO, WWF India said, “The CA|TS accreditation to 14 Tiger Reserves in India signifies that these Reserves have achieved excellence in tiger site management. This accreditation will strengthen management practices in the sites as per international common criteria. WWF India will continue to support the CA|TS assessment process for tiger conservation landscapes.”
This is the first time that site assessments were carried out using CA|TS-LOG, the software that helps in visualizing data and tracking site-based tiger conservation. India is the first country to roll this out nationally.
All the 14 accredited sites met “Standard Exceeded” or “Standard Achieved” in case of majority of the 17 Elements under the 7 CA|TS pillars, i.e. Importance and status, Management, Community, Tourism, Protection, Habitat management and tiger populations, thereby reaching overall CA|TS scores of above 70% - the minimum required for consideration for accreditation.
The list of 14 Tiger Reserves who received CA|TS accreditation:
  1. Manas, Assam
  2. Kaziranga, Assam
  3. Orang, Assam
  4. Sundarbans, West Bengal
  5. Valmiki, Bihar
  6. Dudhwa, Uttar Pradesh
  7. Panna, Madhya Pradesh
  8. Kanha, Madhya Pradesh
  9. Satpuda, Madhya Pradesh
  10. Pench, Maharashtra
  11. Anamalai, Tamil Nadu
  12. Mudumalai, Tamil Nadu
  13. Parambikulam, Kerala
  14. Bandipur, Karnataka 
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