‘Chakradhara’ – a Handloom Project that threads the stripes of Tiger to celebrate National Handloom Day

Posted on 06 August 2022
Shri Upendra Prasad Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India with Mr Sunil Sethi, Chairman, FDCI and Sagrika Rai (the creator of the collection)
Warp n Weft partners with WWF India to launch the collection supported by the Ministry of Textiles and FDCI

New Delhi: ‘Chakradhara’- a collection that threads the stripes of the Tiger and its closeness with nature and sustainability while living the essence of Indian crafts and culture. This project spells out love for tigers that can have a wide and meaningful impact to uplift the consciousness and yet evolving mindset of our Indian audiences towards conservation of the species, nature and our forest lands.

Warp ‘n Weft a textile brand that weaves pure handloom Banarasi textiles with their unique handloom project ‘Chakradhara', collaborates with WWF India to celebrate the Year of Tiger and the conservation efforts to support the thriving population.

Shraman Jha, Director-Marketing, Communications and Fundraising WWF India, said, “It is a unique partnership bringing together the two national heritages of India- handlooms and tigers together. Five decades of dedicated efforts to conserve tigers in India has brought out some significant results, a thriving population of big cats, the highest among all tiger range countries. We thank Warp ‘n Weft for conceptualising and weaving the banarasi handloom collection to celebrate the tiger.”

On National Handloom Day, threading and working with the Banarasi Handloom under the vision and passionate enterprise of the Founder, Ms Sagrika Rai, for the upliftment and promotion of this artisanal craftsmanship and empowerment of weavers in the industry. Emphasizing the relevance of the project 'Chakradhara', Ms Sagrika Rai, Founder & Creative Director, Warp ‘n Weft, said, “It is a strong, impactful collaboration between two ethical institutions. We pledge to contribute a part of the sales proceeds to WWF India, contributing to nature and wildlife conservation. We hope this handwoven project will further bring the deserved boost to tiger conservation and spread the word far and wide”.

Story of Chakradhara:
A wildlife enthusiast, Ms Rai's husband, Dinkar Rai- took a picture of a tiger in Bandhavgarh National Reserve, which was used as the central basis for this project. Smitten by the beauty of the majestic Bengal Tiger, the team at Warp ‘n Weft created a tiger face graphed, loomed, and engineered to precision. After many iterations got close to the original photograph with the ethnic style of nakshi kadhwa, a signature technique of Banarasi Handloom weaving. The commitment to sustainability has remained paramount throughout this process, commissioning the grassroots master weavers from the historic handloom clusters of Varanasi with decades-long experience. The base texture of the fabric is a combination of natural yarns that harkens to the forest grasslands of India, ‘Chakradhara’, the lively meadows inside the Bandhavgarh National Reserve- taking inspiration from where the photo was taken. 
About Warp n Weft
Warp ‘n Weft, a premiere house of luxury Banarasis, uniquely grounded in its ties to the soul of India, empowers the master craftsmen of Banaras by presenting their skill set to the world. Warp ‘n Weft, a repository of cultural heritage, shares the illustrious lineage of finest artisanal handloom textiles from Banaras creating contemporary heirlooms. Deeply rooted in tradition and grandeur, with its own design ethos, savoir-faire and innovation, Warp ‘n Weft celebrates its strong textile legacy of 25 years nurturing its longstanding intimate relationship with their artisans and the versatility of Banaras textiles and continues to enthrall with hand-weaves inspired from nature, culture and history.  Engaged in the ethical treatment of its talented artisans, both men and women, Warp ‘n Weft is also committed to the sustainability and conservation of the biodiversity of our Indian soil.  In acknowledgement of these efforts, Warp ‘n Weft is twice awarded by Hon. Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath and the Government of Uttar Pradesh for keeping the tradition of Banarasi Handloom alive and for the upliftment and empowerment of weavers in the industry. Ms. Sagrika Rai, our Founder is recipient of the Indian Express Devi Award and the Times of India Mission Shakti Award.  https://www.warpnweft.in/
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About WWF India
WWF India is committed to creating and demonstrating practical solutions that help conserve India's ecosystems and rich biodiversity. With more than 50 years of conservation journey in the country, WWF India works towards finding science-based and sustainable solutions to address challenges at the interface of development and conservation. WWF India is part of the WWF network, with offices in over 100 countries across the world. WWF India works in many states of India through our state and field offices. The organisation works in different geographical regions and across thematic areas, including the conservation of key wildlife species and their habitats management of rivers, wetlands and ecosystems. On the sustainability side, the focus areas are climate change adaptation, driving sustainable solutions for business and agriculture and empowering local communities as conservation stewards. We also work in combatting the illegal wildlife trade and in bringing environment education to students through outreach and awareness campaigns. http://www.wwfindia.org 
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Shri Upendra Prasad Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India with Mr Sunil Sethi, Chairman, FDCI and Sagrika Rai (the creator of the collection)
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