Nature News, Vol. 5, Issue No.5 (May 2016)


The Hindu 5 May 2016 
Rare sighting of Amur falcon near Nagpur: The falcon breeds in south-eastern Siberia and north-eastern China, where the Amur River divides the Russian Far East and China
Birdwatchers in Maharashtra were thrilled by the sighting of an unexpected visitor — an Amur falcon last week at Read more

The Times of India 11 May 2016 
Birders to collate data on summer species: On May 14, Delhi's birding community will put together data on the city's summer birds. Coinciding with the Endemic Bird Day and Global Big Day, this will be the first such coordinated summer bird count. On May 14, Delhi's birding community will put together data on the city's summer birds. Coinciding with the Endemic Bird Day and Global Big Day, this will be the first such coordinated summer bird count. Read more

The Times of India 17 May 2016 
The first ever summer bird count in Delhi threw up some welcome results . Those who stepped out for birding on Saturday reported 188 species from across Delhi and NCR, "an encouraging sign" since the winter count, when migratory bird numbers are substantially more, is between 240 to 250 species. Read more

The Hindu 23 May 2016 
Nature lovers launch localised birding app: The app provides information about 250 avians found in Vasai region in Maharashtra. In a noble effort to create awareness among people about ecological conservation, a group of nature enthusiasts on Sunday launched an application that will provide information  Read more

The Hindu 30 May 2016 
Out of sight, out of mind: The house sparrow, named the State bird of Delhi in 2012, remains forgotten. The house sparrow is struggling to find a home in Delhi today, four years after it was declared the official State bird. Numbers of the once-ubiquitous small bird have declined over the years to a point that a sparrow sighting has become a happy  Read more


The Hindu 12 May 2016
Insure farmers against climate change: How India’s agricultural policy has made us structurally vulnerable to climate change. Bundelkhand is where India’s marginal farming dream died. Known for the dacoits of Chambal and the Rani of Jhansi, the arid region, occupying districts of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, has experienced drastic variation Read more


Containing forest fires: Effect is there for all to see; cause to be tackled: As forest fires continue to rage across the hills of Uttarakhand, there are two issues that need attention: First, allegations that the timbre mafia set off the fires (as well as other man-made causes), and second, natural causes that spark these fires. Read more


The Times of India 9 May 2016 
New rules to stamp out wetland reclamation: The central government has, under its new draft rules for wetlands (conservation and management), stated that the state must ensure that no wetlands are reclaimed and put to other uses. The state has also been notified that there must be no diversions or impediments to natural water channels feeding the wetlands Read more

The Indian Express 13 May 2016 
Ken-Betwa River linking project: Recalling an old idea whose time may have come: During the Raj, British engineer Sir Arthur Cotton sought to link the Ganga and the Cauvery to facilitate navigation. The idea was shelved with the expansion in railroads. The idea of inter-basin transfers from surplus to deficit areas was in circulation at various  Read more

The Pioneer 23 May 2016 
Rejuvenating the river Ganga: The Government remains committed to cleaning the sacred river which lies at the heart of the Indian civilisation. However, several challenges remain, from improving sewage management to balancing hydropower demands. The Indian civilisation emphasises the concept of motherhood. Phrases like Mother Earth, Motherland Read more

The Times of India 30 May 2016 
New conservation rules may soon apply to wetlands. What are they? : In March this year, the central government set the ball rolling on a new set of rules intended to protect wetlands. The Draft Wetland (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2016, which seek to replace the older Wetland (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2010, are open for public comments  Read more


The Hindu 9 May 2016 
Save Aravalli to save wildlife: As many as seven leopards, including an eight-month-old cub, have been reported dead in Gurgaon over the past two years. While two cases pertain to road accidents wherein the big cats were hit by speeding vehicles, the remaining four carcasses found near a golf course in Manesar are suspected Read more

The Pioneer 9 May 2016 
300 avian species feared perished in U’khand fire : A team of experts assessing the impact of  Uttarakhand forest fire on wildlife, birds, flora and fauna fears  loss to nearly 300 avian species found in the State whose breeding season falls between March and May. 
To reduce chances of forest fires in the country, Forest Survey of India (FSI) is working on Read more

The Hindu 17 May 2016
Ken-Betwa project: Panel warns of dangers to ecology and animal life: A team of wildlife experts submitted a crucial report Monday, on which hinges the fate of the first-ever inter-State river linking project since India’s independence. The submitted report not yet public warns of the dangers to the ecology and animal life due to Read more
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