WWF-India’s Comment on Living Planet Report 2008

The Living Planet Report of 2008 confirms the trend noted in the past issues of the study – that we are consuming more than what the planet offers –and this trend is clearly not sustainable. We are in serious ecological overshoot, consuming resources faster than the Earth can replace them. The consequences of this are predictable and dire. While the percentage change in India's ecological footprint is much lower than that of world average and the per capita biocapacity of India appears unchanged whereas the world average has increased, the increase in India's ecological footprint is an emerging issue considering that our biocapacity remains unchanged. It is vital for our future that India takes leadership in setting a developmental course, based on sustainability and one that is led by originality and confidence. This earth is changing for the worse and the Living Planet Report - like a doctor’s indice - is imploring a serious life style change.

Mr. Ravi Singh, Secretary General and CEO, WWF-India

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