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nature crossword 
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nature crossword
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3. Please send your entry by email/post .
4. All entries should reach us by 31st April 2006
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1. Fastest flying bird is ___________ with a speed of 290 km/hr (6)
2. Large diving birds of northern oceans with straight pointed bills and webbed feet. (Plural) (5)
3. A large wading marsh bird called the 'invisible bird' because or its resemblance to the environment. (7)
4. A tall grass that grows in swamps and shallow water. (4)
8. Young one of a goat. (3)
9. A strong wind, especially one of force 8 on the Beauport scale. (4)
10. Dendrology is the study of a ________________. (4)
11. A small domesticated mammal with think soft fur and whiskers. (3)
13. An animal, the first one to be domesticated by man. (3)

1. Young one of a horse. (4)
3. Rodent known as the master builder in the animal world (6)
5. Mountain goat abundant in the south India around the Palnis. (4)
6. Young one of a swan. (6)
7. The largest antelope of Africa. (5)
8. An animal belonging to the ass family. (5)
12. A tree with toothed leaves and cone like fruits often found in damp places. (5)
14. A small poisonous snake with a black zigzag pattern along the back and belonging to the viper family of snakes. (5)
15. A large bird of prey with strong soaring flight. (5)

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