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Nature leaves a mark on you, don’t leave one behind.

The Himalayan ecosystem is under threat.

Once serene and sacred, the mountains and everything within it is struggling for survival in the face of increased human activity and climate change.

The high altitude wetlands in this region are unable to retain their identity as life bearers due to pollution caused by humans.

Birds and mammals too face threats everyday and are unable to breed and proliferate as they would earlier.

If you are visiting the most revered mountain system in Asia, WWF urges you to become a …Green Hiker!

About Green Hiker
The Green Hiker Campaign is WWF’s initiative to encourage tourists and tour operators in the Himalayan region to opt for sustainable and responsible tourism.

Covering almost the entire Himalayan region, WWF aims at reducing the baggage of tourism while inviting tourists to enjoy the Himalayas in its pristine form.

Why this campaign?

To raise awareness about the vulnerability of the Himalayan ecosystem, and encourage tourists and tour operators to adopt disciplines, which will help reduce the footprint (impacts) of tourism, through positive messages.

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