In Sikkim, WWF is making these efforts to save high altitude lakes:


  • Biodiversity monitoring and survey of the lake and catchment area is in the process
  • A water quality analysis is being conducted
  • Coordination with the Forest Department, Environment and Wildlife Management Department and local communities for the conservation of the lake is underway
  • There is ongoing dialogue with the Dzumsa body (local governing body) on garbage management in and around the lake, awareness-generation through workshops and meetings at both local and government levels, and involvement of students in these activities
  • Various education and awareness programmes with a special focus on high altitude wetlands are being run
  • Dialogue with the Forest Department on the formation of Pokhri Sanrakshan Samiti is on
  • Planning the formation of a Community Based Organisation (CBO) which can act as a guardian of the lake while also securing the livelihood of the locals living in nearby villages
© Laktsheden Theengh/WWF-India
Tsomgo before, with surrounding shops
© Laktsheden Theengh/WWF-India
© Laktsheden Theengh
Tsomgo after the shops were shifted
© Laktsheden Theengh


  • Coordination with different stakeholders like the Forest Department, Environment and Wildlife Management Department, Department of Tourism, Indian Army and local communities, for the conservation of the lake
  • Periodic water quality analysis in collaboration with the State Pollution Control Board
  • Awareness generation among the local people and visitors about the physical and biological values of the lake
  • Formation of the Tsomgo Pokhri Sanrakshan Samiti (TPSS) in collaboration with the Forest, Environment and Wildlife Management Department (FEWMD)
  • Management of garbage and various conservation measures in and around the lake by the TPSS
  • Building capacity and providing awareness and technical support to TPSS for the protection and conservation of the lake
  • Benefit sharing with the local community by tourism bodies
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