Conservation issues

Habitat degradation and fragmentation

Fuelwood collection for commercial use is severely impacting the health of the state’s forests. Livestock grazing as well as collection of medicinal plants is on the rise.


Although the scale and magnitude have not been assessed yet, hunting for pot and trade remains to be a serious issue in the state. There have been reports of poaching of wildlife species, both for subsistence by local communities and illegal trade.

Human pressure on high altitude wetlands

The high altitude lakes in this landscape attract pilgrims and tourists from across the country and the world. This anthropogenic pressure has resulted in increased pollution around the lakes, clearing of forests from catchment areas for fuelwood. In the recent past, increase in the number of military presence along the Indo-China border, along with road construction is affecting the high altitude areas.

Linear infrastructure development

The recent rampant increase in the number of hydro-power projects and infrastructure development in Arunachal Pradesh is a serious cause of concern for the state. The increase is likely to affect the biodiversity rich forests of the region and also the mountain ecosystems. 
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