Corporate Partnerships


WWF believes that corporate organizations can play an important role towards the cause of conservation.

We work closely with corporate organizations including multinational corporations, public sector units, financial institutions and small to medium sized businesses to develop partnerships which intersect with our philosophy and conservation priorities.

The Companies Act’s focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with regard to Environment sustainability, ecological balance, protection of flora and fauna, agro forestry, conservation of natural resources and maintaining quality of soil, air and water provides an opportunity to a company to play an important role in helping to further the cause of conservation and sustainability. Our corporate partnerships are aligned to a company’s CSR policy, marketing and communications strategies.

WWF-India offers communication support to corporate organizations through its national and global networks, website, newsletters and social media. We are committed to help businesses make the best of these opportunities to build a world in which green business is smart business.

Associate with us

WWF-India provides various ways through which your corporation can collaborate with us to create a lasting conservation impact. We believe that each opportunity is unique and therefore works closely with corporate organizations to customize every partnership.

1. Support Conservation Projects
A corporate can partner with WWF-India to support a specific conservation project.
Under the Companies Act’s (2013) focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), WWF-India’s corporate supporters can provide support to independent projects implemented through our network of state and field offices. WWF-India gives priority to finding synergies between the interests or the core business of the corporate and the projects they can support.

WWF-India works to ensure each programmatic contribution supports lasting conservation impacts.
2. Support a part project
Corporate organizations can partner with WWF-India to support a part of our conservation projects in the areas where we work.
WWF-India provides a platform for corporate organizations to support part of a larger conservation project suited to their CSR policy. These projects are supported by multiple partners. The minimum contribution required from a corporate partner is INR 5 Lacs. WWF-India provides a consolidated report for these projects, in accordance with the Companies Act (2013). 

3. Give Back to Nature
‘Give Back to Nature’
is a unique initiative launched by WWF-India to garner further support for its goal of leaving a living planet for future generations. With ‘Give Back to Nature’ every customer of our partner organization, will have the opportunity to make a real difference for conserving our planet.

At the time of processing payment, you will find a donation amount added on to your bill. You may choose to retain/ increase/ decrease/completely remove the amount. ‘Give Back to Nature’ is a voluntary donation. The proceeds from the donation will go towards the initiatives of WWF-India. Cumulatively, these donations will have a massive beneficial impact on WWF-India’s ability to successfully carry out and build upon the many projects it has all over India.

Corporate Partnership Team Contacts

Monali Mukherjee,
Mobile: 8697931626
Landline: 011-41504831