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WWF-India provides various ways through which your corporation can collaborate with us to create a lasting conservation impact. We believe that each opportunity is unique and thus WWF-India works closely with corporates to customize every partnership.

1. Support Conservation Projects

Corporates can partner with WWF-India to support a specific WWF-India conservation programme in the areas we work in.

Under the recent Companies Act’s (2013) focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), WWF-India’s corporate supporters can provide support to programmes implemented across the country through our network of state and field offices. WWF-India gives priority to finding synergies between the interests or the core business of the corporate and the projects they can support.

WWF-India works to ensure each programmatic contribution supports lasting conservation impacts.

2. Support a part programme

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and their CSR initiatives.

WWF-India provides a platform for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for their CSR initiatives. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can support a part of a larger conservation programme suited to their CSR policy. WWF-India will report separately to each corporate partner on such projects and programmes in accordance with the CSR rules.

3. Awareness Campaigns

WWF-India works with corporates to develop campaigns to engage various stakeholders and employees, that help drive awareness and fundraising for its conservation work.

These partnerships provide a platform for the corporate amongst its stakeholders to showcase their support towards WWF-India and contribute to the cause of conservation.
© Aditi Pokhriyal/WWF-India
River watch project in Harike supported by Nokia
© Aditi Pokhriyal/WWF-India


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Some examples of such successful campaigns have been:

Project Save Our Snow Leopards (SOS)

WWF-India in partnership with Tata Housing Development Company launched Project Save Our Snow Leopards (SOS) through an online crowd-funding platform.

The SOS crowd-funding campaign is the first-ever crowd-funded campaign for species conservation in India, giving individuals a chance to support and directly fund conservation projects.

Earth Hour

Earth Hour has been WWF’s global campaign since 2007 inspiring individuals, organizations and governments to take a stand against climate change by switching off nonessential lights for one hour once every year.

We encourage corporates to host their own Earth Hour campaign – of one, or one hundred people – to pledge to do their own bit for the planet. The activities can range from signature campaigns to musical evenings, cyclothons, walkathons, recycling drives and much more.

Microsoft Partnership

In March 2023, WWF-India partnered with Microsoft Philanthropies India for a unique project that strives to improve forest fire management in three key landscapes with the aid of technology. READ MORE...
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