Marine Living Planet Index

27% decline between 1970 and 2003

Population of 274 representative marine species are tracked to calculate the Marine Living Planet Index. This index shows us the current health of marine environment in 4 oceans as compared to 1970.

The Marine Living Planet Index shows a greater than 27% decline on average across the four ocean basins in the period between 1970 and 2003.
Marine Living Planet Index rel=
Marine Living Planet Index

Zooming into the Marine Living Planet Index

The marine index is split by ocean basis. A comparative picture shows dramatic declines in populations of species in the Indian/Southeast Asian and Southern Oceans as compared to the Arctic/Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
Ocean Living Planet Index rel=
Ocean Living Planet Index

Mangroves: the indicator of ocean health

Mangroves provide nurseries to 85% of commercial fish species in the tropics and are essential in maintaining fish stocks.

Between 1990 and 2000, in just 10 years, Asia lost more than 25% while South America lost almost 50% of their mangrove cover.

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