Wild Wisdom Quiz 2010

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Winners of Wild Wisdom Quiz
© WWF-India
‘Wild Wisdom Quiz’, held on 21st October 2010 by WWF-India, Bhopal in collaboration with Lake Conservation Authority, Bhopal. The names of the participants were received from 31 schools out of which 21 schools participated. One round of elimination round was conducted at the school level and two participants were chosen from each school. Out of these 21 schools 5 teams were selected by another round of elimination at the spot- Delhi Public School, Sanskar Valley School, St Xaviers School, Jawaharlal Nehru School and St Pauls School for the State Level Quiz.

The State Level Quiz consisted of 7 interesting rounds- General Questions Round, Pick your Pick, Visual Round, Audio Round, Option Round, Buzzer Round and Rapid Fire Round. By the end of the Quiz we came up with the winners as Jawaharlal Nehru School with 107 points followed by the 1st Runners Up as St. Xaviers School with 88 points and Delhi Public School as 2nd Runners Up with 69 points. The other two teams were given Consolation Prizes.

Chinmay Telangaonkar and Raghav Sridhar from Jawaharlal Nehru School will be representing the State at the National Level that will be organized by WWF-India, Delhi on 12th Nov. 2010.
Winners of Wild Wisdom Quiz
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