About West Bengal

The Landscape:
West Bengal has a landscape starting from mountains and ending in the ocean. The Himalayas to the north and its foothills are as unique as they are different to the Sundarban mangroves in the south.

Fauna and flora:
Holding the different ecosystems prevalent in mountainous forests and mangroves, West Bengal boasts of a high diversity in resident flora and fauna. From Himalayan endemics to species that can only thrive in pristine mangrove systems.

The sensitive ecosystems in West Bengal are evolving to this day and are threatened not only by habitat destruction but also a host of human wrought problems – climate change inclusive of glacial melt affecting rivers, pollution of water ways etc. Interlinked are its ecosystems and so interlinked are its drivers of biodiversity loss.

Our Work:
WWF-India, West Bengal State Office is responsible to look after this great natural heritage within a limited infrastructure. An extremely well balanced team of staff, members and supporters continuously upholds the mission of WWF. In around 35 years of its history, this office has been a front-runner in conservation scenario of no just the state but North East India as well. WBSO successfully conducted many programmes and has built up a strong education network across the state.

Key Contact:

Dr. Saswati Sen
State Director
WWF-India West Bengal State Office
Tata Centre, 1st Floor
43, J. L. Nehru Road
Kolkata -700 071, West Bengal
Tel.: 033-22883038
Fax. : 033-2883761

Email : ssen@wwfindia.net
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